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Why do customers follow Cisco on Facebook, Twitter and community forums?

At first blush the term “slavery” may seem too strong to describe Yahoo!’s controversial new policy.

Humans and technology are much better at adding than removing. That needs to change.

Interview with Gordon Ross, ThoughtFarmer after his presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 7 where he spoke about how power has been an underdeveloped concept in the rhetoric surrounding the use of many-to-many intranets.

David Cotterill spoke about how the UK public sector used 'gamification' to achieve higher levels of engagement, change behaviours and stimulate innovation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2013.

On its own, search technology will not help us find the right things quickly. We need human expertise and human management.

Here is a short handheld video from March 7 - the last conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen. 

Here is the best tweets, videos and photos from IntraTeam Event Copenhagen, March 5-7, 2013. 

You can see the full version on Storify

Customers today have less and less attention to give. On the Web, they’re doing research, trying to complete tasks. They don’t like being disrupted.

Here is a short video from the first conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 6, 2013.

Here is a handheld video from the first pre-conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen.

Today, the number one challenge of the web professional is as a change manager.

Enterprise mobility is quickly moving from pilots and proof-of-concepts to delivering key business functionality for staff when they’re away from their desks.

Decentralized web teams rarely reflect a professional approach to web management. They tend to be a cost reduction tactic.

Shel Holtz brought my attention to this survey that is much more positive than the one we saw from 

Gordon Ross, ThoughtFarmer explains what the attendees at his workshop "Deriving Personas for Intranet Design and Change Management" at IntraTeam Event March 5, 2013 will take home and why they should attend the workshop.

simply communicate recommend IntraTeam Event 2013. They attended IntraTeam Event 2012 and have made this summary video. 

The more complex the world becomes the less we can depend on individual experts.  

The author and strategist Don Tapscott describes in this video interview why effective knowledge management within enterprises requires replacing e-mail with social media.

When I first started working in audio more than 10 years ago, I encouraged some of my clients to think about including the warmth of the human voice in their communications. Then in 2004 podcasting became possible, and we discovered a technology that made audio a lot more accessible.

Still, in the early days, podcasting was not for the faint of heart. The technical side was tricky, and accurate help was hard to find. Today, however, we have plenty of software and tools at our disposal, as well as examples of communicators who’ve ventured into the world of podcasting before us. 

Many web professionals are still really struggling with indifferent and egotistical management.

As the impact of mobile technology has swept across the workplace, the office itself has come under threat. Why bother coming into work at all if we can work anywhere we want?

Last year after running one of my full-day enterprise mobility workshops, I received an email from an organisation about mobile design.

Content drives the Web. But measuring its direct value is very difficult.



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