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A few months back, I stood in front of 100+ folks at the UX Immersion conference in Portland, and talked about the exciting possibilities in the enterprise mobility space.

In an earlier post Tony Russell-Rose reviewed the various ways in which an information need may be articulated, focusing on its expression via some form of query. In this post he considers ways in which the response can be articulated, focusing on its expression as a set of search results. Together, these two elements lie at the heart of the search experience, defining and shaping much of the information seeking dialogue. We begin therefore by examining the most universal of elements within that response: the search result.

SharePoint has become a dominant force in the world of intranet technology and is changing the way organizations think about governing and managing an intranet. Download the free, 38 page white paper written by Prescient Digital Media in April 2012 dedicated to governing and managing SharePoint.

IntraTeam Event 2012 was again held at the Radission Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen.

“IntraTeam Event was great, very interesting and inspiring! I enjoyed the 2 days a lot”
Griet Johanssen, Shell


We thank all the bloggers who blogged about IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2012 here on our website and on their own blogs.

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Mobile intranet will break through in 2012. At least that is what will happen according to those, who answered our intranet predictions for 2012 survey.

Martin White, Intranet Focus, publishes research notes about intranet and the digital workplace. This is the second set of research notes.

So far 69 respondents have participated in our survey about what will happen in the world of intranet in 2012. Here are the top 5 statements chosen by the respondents:

Social intranet is a hot topic. With the rise of social software, the next step to the enterprise social nirvana is the intranet. Hopefully, nobody is considering Facebook as a model anymore (like in “our new intranet will be like Facebook“), but there is still some confusion in what “social” stands for in the enterprise.

In 2008, IBM introduced social tagging to the content on their intranet.

IBM has the challenge that only 3% of employees write blogs. It is not lower than other companies but as both the organization and the employees benefit from blogging,  IBM wants to encourage  employees to blog more.

By Toby Ward and Carmine Porco, Prescient Digital Media

Toby and Carmine presented a survey on the Intranet Global Forum which they have conducted in cooporation with IABC. 1,401 persons have answered the survey.

Here are my notes and wrap up of the tweets from  the session.

According to Shel Holtz CEO’s will listen to McKinsey reports and now there is one about internal use of Social Media. 



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