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Twitter has become a nearly useless tool, in face of all the chatter and clatter of daily nonsense and celebrity worship.

The Great Wall of Digital is being built between organizations and customers.

24 out of 36 speakers from the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017 had answered our question about what are and what will be the biggest challenges for the intranet/Digital Workplace responsible in the forthcoming years?

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.

Michael Sampson is well-established as an author that tackles the business-side of collaboration.

Like many, I spend a lot of my work life in meeting rooms.

And so many seem to be set up by people who have never had a meeting in their life.

Cooperation and collaboration are how societies have been built.

The first thing that struck me as I scrolled through the 2017 Intranet Design Annual from the Nielsen Norman Gr

It is very difficult to track down good case studies of intranet search implementations that when eight come along together it was well worth spending a couple of hours to read through them, They a

The global trust epidemic has become a pandemic. Historic lows are being reached in people’s distrust of government and business. The system is broken.

If you landed here because you took the quick poll on the “how challenges”, thank you!

Seismic changes are afoot in the intranet content management space. The intranet technology platform solutions industry has been consolidating furiously in recent years.

The concept of the digital workplace continues to evolve, and it’s a journey rather than a static

The best intranets are all different: they look different, they run on different technology stacks, and they have different content, people and processes.

Each year after the holiday break, staff start returning to work in dribs and drabs.



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