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Over the vacation I reorganised my office, including adding a bookcase specifically for the 60 or so books I have on various aspects of information retrieval and search.

Employees may waste too much time on the intranet; social media wastes time; the Internet is a productivity drain.

Despite its technology prowess, IBM has added an old medium to its impressive employee digital workplace to engage employees: radio.

As many of you know each year I donate the money I would have spent on Christmas Cards and postage to a good cause.

The focus of the current interest in social networking is to enable the individual to make decisions about how they work, who they work with and what they share to achieve personal and business obj

Dashboards are an excellent way to  present a wide variety of data all in one place,  from a variety of sources and systems.

Here’s my hunch about the digital workplace:  When it comes to truly implementing transformational technology, companies are unintentionally faking it.

The essence of digital transformation is not technological, but rather about culture and attitude. We must shift from an organization-centric view of the world to a customer-centric one.

When I started out on this Web journey back in the mid-Nineties, I was a bit idealistic and naïve.

The presentations at the 2016 Search Solutions conference, organised by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group

Ever since the advent of computer-supported cooperative working (CSCW) in 1984 there has been an immense amount of research into the development of a framework for collaboration processes that will

Although most of my projects are internal enterprise search engagements I have just been assessing the website search of a major consulting firm.



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