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One of the most important elements of the Intranet Operating Model is accountabilit

It’s tempting to think that a suite of tools like Office 365 or IBM connections will meet your collaboration needs.

The Oxford English dictionary announced that 2016’s “word of the year” is Read more

If nothing else you will have to admit it’s an unusual title for a blog post.

Organizations are training their customers to be disloyal. Digital is an accelerant for disloyalty.

Intranet governance is like the classic ‘blind men and the elephant’ story. Each one feels a different part of the elephant, and comes to a different conclusion.

Much of the discussion and debate around digital workplaces takes place in a vacuum.

I am greatly indebted to Search Technologies for publishing the results of a Read more

In 2015, Brit Joshua Browder took on the lawyers and local government on behalf of motorists.

Each year the Organisation in the Digital Age report takes me longer to read than the version for the preceding year.

We’ve seen an increasing number of clients ask us about in-a-box intranets for SharePoint. They want a better experience for employees, and easier deployment activities.

The best way to understand digital customer experience is to measure the effort people need to make to complete their top tasks.

Much hot air, waffle and expert thought-leadership has been shared on the topic of Digital Workplaces.

Artificial Intelligence and PRChristopher Penn attended World of Watson last month, a conference named for

Globally we are facing a collapse of trust. Governments, brands, institutions, experts are all facing a crisis of legitimacy.

What makes a great intranet one of the best?



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