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So we had a presentation and asked some questions to the difficults parts.

The idea is beautiful.
- Allow anyone to ask a question anonymously and the "brain" will send it to the most likely experts in the organisation and tap into all the tacit knowledge
- the Experts benefit would be to not having to answer the same questions over and over again
- the brain will learn over time - not just about the answers but about who
- the organisation can pontetially gain important knowlege about who knows what
And I love their way of integrating the "brain" in say Sharepoint search where people already "ask" questions on a daily basis - but usually get search results instead of answers

But in spite of machine learning it´s not magic - it never is;-)

The brain has to be kick started with existing information (skills databases or what ever you have) and the culture must support a pretty radical open and different way of sharing information. I think it will require some top management buy in - and change commuication to actually make it work.

Their references include UBS, Telefonica, PWC, CITIBANK og Bayer



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