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Happy New Year. Here is what I found most interesting in week 51, 52 and week 1. 


A New Year’s Resolution for your Intranet: Do an IA Health Check!

Here are six key lessons that Susan Hanley learned that can form the basis of your new year’s resolution to give your intranet IA a health check.

By Susan Hanley

Should I hire a consultant to help with my intranet?

If you’re looking to hire a consultant, think carefully about what value they can bring and the potential return on that investment. What experience or knowledge gaps are there in the consultant and the team? Show how bringing in a consultant can help to up-skill the in-house team too, through knowledge transfer during the project.

By Sharon O'dea (speaks at IntraTeam Event)

Where to find hundreds of intranet screenshots

Intranet screenshots are useful for intranet teams because they can see how other intranets are working and a great tool for designing or redesigning your own intranet. There are different ways to find intranet screenshots and some of them is mentioned in this article. E.g. is Intra2, where you can get access to 5.000 dumps if you share your own.   

By Steve Bynghall (speaks at IntraTeam Event)

Social intranet drives employee productivity

Some common concerns by often elderly executives are that employees waste too much time on the intranet, social media and the Internet. But what about the social intranet - does that drain productivity? No not if employee compensation and rewards models are as it should be, and employees are accountable for objectives and goals. 

By Toby Ward 

Intranet Radio at IBM

IBM has begun using radio to its impressive employee digital workplace to engage their employees. IBM Community Radio is the new intranet radio station for IBMers worldwide. Up to 6000 employees tune-in to IBM Radio every day, and they are able to talk about whatevver they want. Topics are e.g. workplace issues, customer services, career advice and they have weekly guests and Q&A.

By Toby Ward 

Digital Workplace 

Digital Workplace Strategy Starts with Culture

Before developing a digital workplace strategy, you'll want to understand the unique culture of your organization. By conducting a cultural appraisal you'll gain much-needed insights into the unique cultural facilitators or blockers that exist within any organization.

By Beth Gleba

Go for it! Manifesto for 2017

Innovation and entrepreneurship are spreading in organizations and people are more free to experiment and take risk than they were before. But innovation is not a job role. Every employee can be a potential innovator and this is becoming more obvious for companies and workers.

By Jane McConnell 

Office 365

Microsoft Teams & Office 365: Collaboration Overload!

Everything was relatively simple. Yammer was Social, SharePoint Team Sites & Groups for collaboration. Now, Teams has been thrown into the mix, and Yammer is getting a Groups integration. What to do!

By Jasper Oosterveld (speaks at IntraTeam Event)

Among Email and Microsoft Teams, Yammer Still Has Its Place

Email and chat help you collaborate with people you already know. Yammer helps you collaborate with people you don’t know.

By Steve Nguyen

Internal Communication 

Much ado about an entirely acceptable synonym‘s first definition for advocate is “to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly". There are a increase in employee and companies that supports e.g. legal rights for religious liberty laws and global warming. There has been a few different views on the word advocate but labeling a program “employee advocacy” does nothing to demean other types of advocates. The thing that matters is how ethically the program is implemented.

By Shel Holtz 


Eight good books on search management

The core collection for search managers should include these eight books about search management. They cover the spectrum from a deep dive into the technology, optimisation of the user experience, search evaluation and text analytics and mining. 

By Martin White (speaks at IntraTeam Event)


Voice tech is the new interface to everything

Chatbots is the new hot marketing platform and e.g CoverGirl has been using chatbots for communication with their potential customers. The reason that chatbots are the new exiting platform is found in three different factors. 1; The messaging apps like Messager, WhatsApps, Slack are a natural platform for chatbots. 2; Artificial Intelligence enables chatbots to understand natural language despite of the way it is phrased. 3; The rise of voice tech devices that are sold in the world.

By Shel Holtz 

Artificial Intelligence

Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence

Most of the attention around automation focuses on how factory robots and self-driving cars may fundamentally change our workforce, potentially eliminating millions of jobs. But AI that can handle knowledge-based, white-collar work are also becoming increasingly competent.

By Dave Gershgorn

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For the Danes 

De første resultater af vores undersøgelse om intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads 2017

Vi er i gang med opfølgningen på vores mangeårige undersøgelser om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser og vores benchmark, som vi har opdateret og derfor stiller gratis til rådighed for dig. Vi har indtil videre fået 69 besvarelser, og her kan du læse et par highlights:

  • Halvdelen har en intranetstrategi
  • Næsten hver femte topleder bakker 100% op om intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads 
  • Mobilt giver mest værdi ved at stille information til rådighed for kollegerne

Læs flere highlights fra undersøgelsen

Undersøgelse af intranet/digitale arbejdspladser i danske kommuner 2017

I slutningen af 2016 og hen over jul har vi indsamlet besvarelser om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser. Indtil videre har 44 kommuner deltaget i undersøgelsen. Et par hightlights fra undersøgelsen: 

  • I fire ud af 10 kommuner er det mere end 90% af de ansatte, der har adgang til intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads
  • Næsten halvdelen af kommunerne har en strategi for deres intranet
  • Strategierne for intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads understøtter i næsten halvdelen af kommunerne forretningsstrategien i en meget stor eller en stor grad

Se mere om resultaterne og undersøgelsen

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