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Here is what I found most interesting in week 10. 

Posts about IntraTeam Event

The conference for the whole intranet and digital workplace team had participants from 16 countries. Here are some posts about the conference:

Next year's event will take place Feb. 27 -  Mar. 1. Reserve the dates.


What We Can Learn from an Unfinished Ceiling

The intranet and digital initiatives are never finished. They are a part of continual change in the workplace. Many organizations find it hard to keep up energy on initiatives like intranets and digital work because it never ends. There are also another step to take and there is no one solutions that fit all.

By Jane McConnell

4 Future Scenarios: Reality Check 6 Years Later

How does the trends and challenges look like i 2017 intranets and digital work enviroments compared to the year 2011? Four areas to look at; My Apps, Smart Systems, People-Centric and Super Search.

By Jane McConnell

Introducing: Intranatter

IntraTeam Event is aimed at intranet and digital workplace teams the Event attracts a mixed crowd from Scandinavia, northern Europe and a few from countries further away. This year’s event was focused on future possibilities of the digital workplace including Workplace By Facebook and Chatbots.

By Sharon O'dea 


SharePoint home in Office 365 and team news updates across Web and mobile

Improve the reach of your internal communications – to individuals, the team and throughout the company. SharePoint Online promotes efficient and effective collaboration and communication throughout your intranet. When you have news to share, it should be easy to author with powerful methods of distribution and consumption for the greatest impact. Microsoft highlight several new SharePoint capabilities in Office 365 that help you inform and stay on task in a very personal way.

By Mark Kashman

Office 365

Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups now rolling out

Microsoft announce the integration of Yammer with Office 365 Groups—the group membership service that provides a single identity for teams in Office 365. Now, when you create a new group in Yammer, it will automatically be part of the Office 365 Groups service, giving the group a OneNote notebook, a Planner for task management, a SharePoint Online team site and document library. With the integration, you and the members of your group can readily access these shared resources directly from Yammer.

By Yammer Team

Microsoft's Slack competitor, Teams, to be generally available March 14

Microsoft will make its Slack competitor, Microsoft Teams, generally and globally available on March 14. Microsoft is holding an online event at 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET on that day to coincide with the launch.

By Mary Jo Foley


Real Voices on the Collaborative Mindset

The biggest and toughest challenges today is how to cultivate a collaborative, cooperative mindset. Some observations was that "humans are lost in the digital conversation" and "we need to find the right balance between open and closed". 

By Jane McConnell

Enterprise Search

How AI-Driven Search Could Bring Us Closer to the Intelligent Workplace

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't a new magic concept. What is new is the ability to scale human to machine conversations — once the realm only of humans — where the machine provides relevant answers to specific questions at an individual context.

By Seth Earley

Information Architecture

Three keys to post-hierarchical intranet IAs (two old, one new)

Managing the navigation and site structure (information architecture) of an intranet is hard and to create one that works for the staff is just the first challenge. Furthermore you need a decentralised group of authors that must keep their corners of the site up to date and well-structured. The two tradional keys for a succesfull IA are findability and sustainability and one extra key is predictability. 

By James Robertson 

For the Danes

IntranetPrisen 2017 går til FOA

To meget forskellige virksomheder med ditto forskellige intranet/digitale arbejdspladser deltog i opløbet om IntranetPrisen 2017. De to kombattanter PANDORA og FOA lå ikke så langt fra hinanden i IntraTeams benchmark-undersøgelse, og derfor blev brugernes dom afgørende for udfaldet.

Af Anette Wittenberg 

Nye netværksgrupper

I IntraTeam starter vi nye netværksgrupper efter markedets behov. Se fx. disse grupper: 

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