IntraTeamNews 11: Intranet, Collaboration, Office 365, SharePoint, Artificial Intelligence

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Here is what I found most interesting in week 11. 


Four ways to support and sustain your intranet

The Intranet Operating Model highlights elements of governance that make an intranet valuable, successful and sustainable. The model contains six categories within guiding and doing. The six categories are accountability, standards, guiding principles, delivery, management and support. 

By Steve Bynghall 

Executives are killing the intranet

The average intranet is often pathetic; it has a poor technology, an awful and out-dated content, poor engagement, a terrible search engine, non-existent content governance, and a pathetic user experience. But who is to blame for the pathetic intranets? Your executive suite. They still see the intranet as a cost centre and not a place to help employees and enhance the business.

By Toby Ward 

A cautionary story about cake

The company gives you cake but something folks bring their own cake and that cake is often better than the one the company brings. Employees have now two cakes and that is a mess and nobody can figure out when to use what. This is just an example of how a cake can cause problems in an office but so does multitude of information and communication platforms.

By Jonathan Phillips 


Beware Collaboration-Tool Overload

There are few markets in corporate computing hotter right now than collaboration applications and services. But with that success comes a challenge: How do the providers of those apps and services hold on to customers who are feeling overloaded on collaboration?

By Jay Greene

Office 365

Microsoft Teams goes live with new email integration, enterprise bots

Microsoft is rolling out Teams, its team-collaboration service. Microsoft wants Teams to be a centralized, organizing entity for the different cloud objects, people, and things that may figure in a collaboration.

By Mary Jo Foley


The Power of SharePoint

Microsoft has written a paper that explores how to build out a basic project-management app in order to understand the use of SharePoint lists and three key technologies that integrate with SharePoint Online: PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI.

By Michael Blythe

Introducing the new Office 365 profile experience

Microsoft is rolling out an extended profile card experience across Office 365 to enhance the way you collaborate with colleagues and external contacts. They’ve made several big improvements that improve on the existing experience across three pillars to create an intelligent, holistic and integrated profile experience.

By Tom Batcheler

Artificial Intelligence

One True Answer and the declining relevance of search

The advances in Artificial Intelligence means that the conversational interface will get better but until that happens there are issues. Consider how your company can take advantage of smart speakers. Maybe they already have an impact on your brand’s marketing messages and its reputation.

By Shel Holtz 

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