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Here is what I found most interesting in week 2. 

10 best intranets 2017 by NielsenNorman Group


10 Best Intranets of 2017 Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual

The winners of our 16th Intranet Design Annual came from diverse industries and relied on a combination of internal resources and external intranet help. Following are the organizations with the 10 best-designed intranets for 2017

By Kara Pernice

Where do you see the intranet in 3 years? 

22 speakers from IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017 told us where they think the intranet will be in 3 years

  • "Cloud based but still struggling with the people factors it always has done"
  • "Will it even exist? I think so, but integration and search across platforms will be key"
  • "There will be more collaborative platforms than standard intranets"

By Sanne Høgh 

SharePoint & Office 365

Microsoft Integrates SharePoint Team Sites with Office 365 Groups

The wait is nearly over for SharePoint Online subscribers who have been anticipating the integration of SharePoint Team Sites with Office 365 Groups.

By David Roe

Workplace by Facebook

Intranetizen have written three posts about Workplace by Facebook:

Sessions at IntraTeam Event about Workplace at Work

Internal Communication 

Companies must prepare for the possibility of a Trump Crisis

There is a lof of crises that a company can face but it has been a whole since a new kind of crisis was developed. However now companies can face the Trump crisis and it is when the President-Elect takes aim at a company, usually through a tweet. But what matters when we talk about a Trump crises? Is it speed?

By Shel Holtz 

Can we have a voice in the corporate world?

(Re)building trust that has been eroded, sometimes for decades by lack of focus or self-serving leadership, is one of the critical challenges confronting organisations today. It is hard, especially since this isn’t something that can simply be “rolled out” as standard corporate programmes are.

By Céline Schillinger

Artificial Intelligence

Turbocharge productivity and efficiency with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from “nice to have” into “must have” territory for organizations. In fact, nearly six in ten AI early adopters think it will be a necessary element to remain competitive within the next few years. Two-thirds say AI is very important to their organization’s strategy and success.

By Susanne Hupfer

User experience 

Digital is making government redundant

There is a global collapse in trust in government and a lot of people question if government actually serve ordinary people or just special interests? And what about digital transformation? Some governments continue being the same old government as always but that is dangerous. Of course there are many government workers who do a great job but they often do this work in conflict with the institutions they work for. 

By Gerry McGovern 

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2017

The conference is for the whole intranet and digital workplace team with eight tracks in three rooms 

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For the Danes 

De første resultater af vores undersøgelse om intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads 2017

Vi er i gang med opfølgningen på vores mangeårige undersøgelser om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser og vores benchmark, som vi har opdateret og derfor stiller gratis til rådighed for dig. Vi har indtil videre fået 69 besvarelser, og her kan du læse et par highlights:

  • Halvdelen har en intranetstrategi
  • Næsten hver femte topleder bakker 100% op om intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads 
  • Mobilt giver mest værdi ved at stille information til rådighed for kollegerne

Læs flere highlights fra undersøgelsen

Undersøgelse af intranet/digitale arbejdspladser i danske kommuner 2017

I slutningen af 2016 og hen over jul har vi indsamlet besvarelser om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser. Indtil videre har 44 kommuner deltaget i undersøgelsen. Et par hightlights fra undersøgelsen: 

  • I fire ud af 10 kommuner er det mere end 90% af de ansatte, der har adgang til intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads
  • Næsten halvdelen af kommunerne har en strategi for deres intranet
  • Strategierne for intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads understøtter i næsten halvdelen af kommunerne forretningsstrategien i en meget stor eller en stor grad

Se mere om resultaterne og undersøgelsen

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