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Here is what I found most interesting in week 4. 

Digital Workplace 

Where work is headed: the 2017 Digital Workplace Radar

The digital workplace is still evolving and the challenge for teams is to keep a focus on the immediate needs but they need to keep an eye on the future as well. The Digital Workplace Radar is a model that tracks technologies and topics that are landing (current priorities and projects), circling (coming in the near term) and in flight (longer-term and more speculative).

By James Robertson

Why the workplace doesn’t work

A great digital workplace should understand the people that use it and support their individual working preferences in order for them to be happy and more productive.

By Jonathan Phillips


Intranet Design Annual 2017

The 2017 Intranet Design Annual from the Nielsen Norman Group has a lot of diversity of the organisations this year. The intranets range from a small 150 employee tourism agency to two large financial institutions and a leading global IT company. The platforms are also diverse and it include SP2010, SP2013, Liferay, Open Text Web Experience Manager (ex Vignette) and two custom builds.

By Martin White 

Office 365

OneDrive brings new file collaboration and management features to the enterprise

Microsoft announce availability of several new capabilities in OneDrive for Business that make it easier than ever to sync, share and collaborate on all your files in Office 365.

By Stephen L. Rose

Office 365 news in January—updates to OneDrive, Activity feed and more

Updates to OneDrive, the Activity feed within the Office apps, Microsoft StaffHub and more.

By Kirk Koenigsbauer


Ten intranet search case studies

It is difficult to track down good intranet search case studies. But now eight cases are published in the Nielsen Norman Group 2017 Intranet Design Annual. IBM has an intranet where search always played an important role. The description of the way in which the Blue Pages people directory has evolved is very good and the result is probably the definitive people/expertise directory for you to benchmark your own vision and achievement. 

By Martin White 


Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking

When you add ‘thinking’ to the word ‘design, it’s no longer about color or decoration. It’s now about process. It’s about getting to a more intentional outcome. It’s about thinking about the experience of the customer, user, and employee.

By Jared M. Spool

Digital Marketing 

Fake news, distrust and anti-marketing

People's distrust in government and business are historic low and Trump and Brexit are some of the consequences of this lack of trust in government as well as brand disloyalty and consumer agitation is the consequence for business. People switch brands and jobs all the time and there is a growth in the area of freelancing and self-employment. Immunity towards advertising and marketing grows and today boring marketing is often better than the creative marketing.

By Gerry McGovern 

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2017

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Five reasons to attend the 2017 IntraTeam event in Copenhagen

"One of the best conferences and intranet-related events I attended last year was the IntraTeam event in Copenhagen. This year I’m lucky enough again to be one of the speakers".

By Steve Bynghall 

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For the Danes 

Foreløbige resultater af IntraTeams undersøgelse om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser

I skrivende stund har 133 organisationer deltaget i vores undersøgelse om intranet og den digitale arbejdsplads. Der indløber fortsat besvarelser på undersøgelsen, og du er velkommen til at deltage. 

  • I gennemsnit er 1,8 afdelinger ansvarlige for intranettene
  • Kommunikationsafdelingerne er ansvarlige eller medansvarlige i syv ud af 10 organisationer
  • År efter år ser vi, at stadigt flere har som formål at reducere e-mails med deres intranet/digitale arbejdsplads. I denne undersøgelse har mere end hver anden det formål

Se resten af de foreløbige resultater

Undersøgelse af intranet/digitale arbejdspladser i danske kommuner 2017

I slutningen af 2016 og hen over jul har vi indsamlet besvarelser om intranet og digitale arbejdspladser. Indtil videre har 44 kommuner deltaget i undersøgelsen. Et par hightlights fra undersøgelsen: 

  • I fire ud af 10 kommuner er det mere end 90% af de ansatte, der har adgang til intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads
  • Næsten halvdelen af kommunerne har en strategi for deres intranet
  • Strategierne for intranettet/den digitale arbejdsplads understøtter i næsten halvdelen af kommunerne forretningsstrategien i en meget stor eller en stor grad

Se mere om resultaterne og undersøgelsen

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