IntraTeamNews 48: Intranet, Digital Workplace, Internal Communication, Office 365, Enterprise Search, Change Management

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Here is what I found most interesting in week 48. 


Creating accountability for your intranet with the right structures and roles

One of the most important things for your intranet is accountability. Who makes the decisions and who takes the ownership. Getting that structure right and the roles in place is really important for intranet governance. And if you have a large digital workplace then you need more complex governance. It is not only important to have the right people on board. You need to involve many people in the organisation. 

By Steve Bynghall 

Top 7 Enduring Intranet-Design Mistakes

Intranet UX have unearthed revolutionary designs that lifted employees to higher levels of productivity, motivation, and communication. Still, some nonstarter designs have unexplained staying power. Don’t let your intranet design get dragged into using any of these common design evils.

By Kara Pernice

Digital Workplace 

Collaborating without documents in the digital workplace

Collaboration don't just happen in Yammer or when people are working together in a document. Collaboration is also when somebody send a workflow request or plans ressources for a work schedule. Collaboration types can be determined by two dimensions: stability and complexity.

By Sam Marshall 

Agnes, Brian, Ellen, Jane, James, Janus, Kurt, Kristian, Mark, Michael, Paul, Sam, Susan, Tony and Wedge

The intranet community has a lot of good people who play a important role in supporting the exchange of knowledge and good practice and I'm proud to be on this list made by Martin White, Intranet Focus Ltd.

By Martin White 

Internal Communication

Do you have the right skills to work in IC?

A brand new profession map from the Institute of Internal Communication say it’s intended to define our purpose as a profession and help businesses and practitioners understand what we do and why we do it.

By Rachel Miller

Internal Communications Professionals on Social Media

Leadtail analyzed a panel of over 800 Internal Communications professionals on social media* to gain insight into what they’re talking about, what they’re consuming and sharing on social media, and who influences them.

By Karri Carlson

Office 365

New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more

Microsoft announced several updates to the Office apps to help you easily and effectively collaborate with others. This includes real-time co-authoring in PowerPoint, the ability to upload attachments to the cloud directly from Outlook and other collaboration capabilities.

By Kirk Koenigsbauer

Enterprise Search

Could Google transform enterprise mobile search?

Google is now offering the initial versions of what it describes as App Indexing, using its Firestorm suite. In effect you can now search through content you have downloaded into apps on your smartphone.

By Martin White

Change Management

Business Transformation: How to Drive Successful Change

Often leaders take on too much with too little – too many initiatives with too few resources and not enough commitment to back them up. The transformation isn’t productive in the long term because support for it can’t be sustained, energy dwindles, and things are left undone. Where to focus energy is always a challenge. 

By Tracy Lloyd

Customer Experience 

Great customer experience begins with fairness

If customers are disloyal then they get cheaper prices and the ones who are loyal have to pay the highest price but that is not good for the customer experience. Especially the insurance industry have a huge problem with this. If customer experience becomes more important then the insurance industry need to change their behaviour. 

By Gerry McGovern 

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