IntraTeamNews 49: Virtual Reality, Office 365, Analytics, Search, Collaboration and IntraTeam Event Copenhagen

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Here is what I found most interesting in week 49. 

Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds at the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017

Touch displays, 360 degree media, virtual reality, and virtual tours. We are in the midst of a communication revolution that encourages companies to develop new immersive storytelling experiences to engage staff, stakeholders, and customers. Paolo Tosolini, founder of Tosolini Productions, a Seattle-based digital agency, suggests that an internal communications department that uses immersive technology can be “an incredible value-add to the organisation”.

By Gloria Lombardi

Office 365

Understanding Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Group provides the membership and access services to 10 separate workloads which are provided across six different products/services. This “Group workspace” is accessed through any of 14 different clients that provide varying levels of access to the different workloads/and services. The choice of client will depend heavily on requirements and will likely lead to a combination of clients based on capability and preference. 

By John White


Chats, Conversations, Collaboration and a note on Communication

Three things have become obvious to Simon Terry in 2016 and on reflection they offer insights into how we can think about the ongoing culture change and challenges of enterprise collaboration: 1. People love chat 2. People hate meetings more and 3. The untapped value of collaboration is huge

By Simon Terry


The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world

Big data’s potential just keeps growing. Taking full advantage means companies must incorporate analytics into their strategic vision and use it to make better, faster decisions.

By Nicolaus Henke a.o.


Website search – “Must do better!”

Search is unfortunately not important enough for professional services firms to pay attention to. Some of the common problems are that the search boxes is almost invisible, little information on the results and no highlighting of query terms in the results summaries. 

By Martin White 

Customer experience 

Customer experience has become real business

Companies thought that a business works this way: "Real business uses marketing and advertising to paint an emotional picture about how much it cares about its customers, how much it cares about the environment, whatever. That’s the story it has to sell". But today it is not like that anymore. Slack is refunding members who have not been active automatically. The customer is no longer some helpless victim.

By Gerry McGovern 

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2017

The conference is for the whole intranet and digital workplace team with eight tracks in three rooms 

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