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Here is what I found most interesting in week 7. 

Digital Workplace

Who’s the Boss Now? Technology and the Future of Work

This interview with Jane McConnell touches upon everything from digital workplace strategy to the explosion of enterprise social networks, the challenge of retaining important knowledge and (of course) that thing we used to call an intranet; all with her characteristic insight and candor.

By Scott McDonald

Intranet crisis: IBM eliminates remote workers

Reports states that IBM is eliminating remote workers in marketing, engineering, and other roles. If you do not report to one of six main offices you will be eliminated. This happens in the US and will apparently also happen in Europe. IBM has not confirmed these reports but several other sources confirms this. "IBM has repeatedly trumpeted and championed the digital workplace, and all of its software solutions, namely Connections and the IBM Employee Experience Suite, that allow “employees to collaborate from any location using the tools they want.” However "any location" does not mean everywhere but only six locations i the US.  

By Toby Ward


How can I rekindle the romance with my intranet?

Is it time for a change of scene for you and your intranet? You could redevelop or replace your intranet but it could be enough to make a good visual re-design instead. Are you struggling to find a solution then maybe it is time to hire a consultant to help you think of ways to develop your intranet strategy. But remember that to fall in love with your intranet again takes time and effort. 

by Sharon O'Dea 

The Critical Intranet Governance Partnership: IT & Communications

A successful intranet has a great owner and is supported by clear intranet governance. Most of the time the business owner of an intranet is communications but the technology owner is IT and that means that Communications and IT must get along in order for the intranet to succeed.

By Toby Ward


Complexity demands collaboration

Nobody’s in control and knows what the future will bring. The best way to respond to unpredictability is flexibility. It is a must that we can be ready and willing to change our attitudes, opinions and decisions based on the environment and the changes that might happen.  

By Gerry McGovern 


New SharePoint Online Link web part rolling out now

The SharePoint Online Link web part makes sharing links to external and internal pages and documents much nicer by providing a visual and contextual preview for the link and its contents -- with image, title and text snippet -- right inline within the internal communication (page or news).

By Alina Skarbovsky

Office 365

Hands-on: Microsoft Teams fails in its debut

The Teams rolled out now is technically a public beta, though you can easily miss that fact in its marketing. But even as a late-stage beta, it isn’t anywhere as good as it should be.

By Galen Gruman

Microsoft: ANNOUNCEMENT | Intelligence-powered search, Delve, and Microsoft Graph updates

Microsoft has started to roll out a new, personalized search experience in Office 365, along with improvements to Delve, all powered by the Microsoft Graph. Let’s dive into the details.

By Mark Kashman

Office 365 Groups vs Teams: How to Successfully Deploy Both

From a user perspective “group” and “team” have different meanings, the intent appears to be the same thing. Or is “Groups” more about a group of technologies, whereas “Teams” is more about a team of people? Semantics and meanings aside, what we do end up with is a couple of key scenarios that need to be understood.

By Loryan Strant


Values Wars: CEO outbursts vs. authentic sustainable engagement

The next 10 years authentic sustainable engagement will be the most important scarce commodity. Influencing marketing will need to evolve into influencer relationship management. The point is to connect relevant influencers with useful and interesting content. All of that in the right places at the right time then brands can earn trust and build loyalty.

By Shel Holtz 

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2017

The conference is for the whole intranet and digital workplace team with eight tracks in three rooms 


See all 39 confirmed speakers

Five reasons to attend the 2017 IntraTeam event in Copenhagen

"One of the best conferences and intranet-related events I attended last year was the IntraTeam event in Copenhagen. This year I’m lucky enough again to be one of the speakers".

By Steve Bynghall 

Who will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years? 

23 out of 39 speakers from IntraTram Event Copenhagen 2017 have answered our question about who they think will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years. 

By Sanne Høgh 


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