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Here is what I found most interesting in week 8. 

Digital Workplace 

Progress in the digital workplace is still slow

Jane McConnell’s annual report about digital workplace provides a great snapshot of where we are with the digital workplace. The report from this year have information from over 300 participating organisations and data going back over a decade. Some of the takeaways from the report are that organisations are reluctant to crowdsource and that frontline workers still are poorly served.

By Steve Bynghall 

Your toughest challenge today? I asked 112 people around the world

Digital workplace, digital transformation, organizational change are all valid and important subjects. But Jane McConnell feel that the industry is communicating too much of the theory and not enough about the operational and workable ideas. In a Quick Poll over 50% of the participants thought that the number 1 challenge is “How to develop and cultivate a mindset of collaboration, cooperation and sharing in our organization”.

By Jane McConnell

Five digital workplaces which deliver a great employee experience

A great digital workplace needs to deliver an engaging employee experience and the employee experience need to be a high priority as well. By making this the focus, teams can change the way employees work and that can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Target high value areas of the workforce and align employee experience with customer experience is two ways to improve employee experience.

By Steve Bynghall


Things a good intranet manager does that have nothing to do with news or internal communications

Most intranets are owned by or influenced by the Internal Communications team and that can mean they are most focused on the sections that matter most to them e.g. corporate news. If the Comms Director is the key stakeholder there are pressure to help them meet their communication objectives. The employees don’t come to read news on the intranet. They come to get things done or because it is a part of their work. Things a good intranet manager should be doing is e.g. check the 404s, network with stakeholders, maintain a qualified list of top tasks and performe against them and act on the feedback.

By Luke Mepham 


Most U.S. workplaces still use ‘old-school’ tech like email and phone calls to communicate

The key takeaway is that both technologies and habits rooted in the 20th century are keeping the 21st century vision of the modern workplace from becoming reality. 

By Bob O'donnell


Hybrid Scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365 Updates and Recap + Hybrid Taxonomy GA

In November Microsoft announced preview availability of two new hybrid scenarios coinciding with Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016 – hybrid auditing and hybrid taxonomy.. Hybrid Taxonomy. Hybrid taxonomy is generally available.

By Bill Baer


SharePoint Intranet Governance

SharePoint intranet governance is really no different than the standard intranet governance model but it require some special attention with respect to site creation. When you build a governance model for SharePoint some of the major components should be a defined ownership structure and a decision making process.

By Toby Ward 

Enterprise Search

Read Intranet Signals to Improve Your Search Results

It’s time we use context to determine intranet result relevancy. Your intranets have an incredible amount of context available for you to use. Your task is to identify the context that makes sense, and then use it for every query.

By Miles Kehoe

Digital Transformation

The seven decisions that matter in a digital transformation: A CEO’s guide to reinvention

A successful digital transformation requires making trade-off decisions. Here’s how successful CEOs guide their business’s reinvention.

By Peter Dahlström, Driek Desmet, and Marc Singer

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