Change Management


Using internal communications best practice to boost staff morale, improve retention and drive motivation – just how do you make an employee feel valued?
Tried and tested techniques to move beyond moans and groans towards constructive business feedback then closing the loop with answers
Low-cost techniques to create and maintain meaningful engagement on an on-going basis.
Leveraging the power of incentives and rewards to help employees go that extra mile for the business.
Neal presented this at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 2015.

This is the age of fast, give-it-to-me-now, you-better-make-it-simple convenience. But how do we convince senior management of this new reality?

Part I of a four part series on great intranets.

Capgemini and the MIT Center for Digital Business have been working together for a couple of years to understand the processes and progress towards digital transformation, defined as the use of new

Today, the number one challenge of the web professional is as a change manager.

When things get very complex you need to get very lean and flexible. You can’t predict the future but you can adapt to it.



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