James Robertson


Each year after the holiday break, staff start returning to work in dribs and drabs.

Intranet governance is like the classic ‘blind men and the elephant’ story. Each one feels a different part of the elephant, and comes to a different conclusion.

‘Bots’ have become one of the hot topics on the internet.

While every organisation is unique, at least to some degree, there are common patterns of success when it comes to collaboration and social tools.

There is a startling disconnect between the enthusiasm for collaboration and social tools, and their real-world impact.

The digital workplace can be a powerful platform for improving how the business operates.

The digital workplace is a broad concept, and it encompasses many aspects of how staff work, and how org

By some reports, ‘most’ intranet teams have more than a dozen members, but this is not our experience. Instead, we see many intranet teams of one, or at best, two or three.

Global intranet projects have big ambitions. At a minimum, they aim to launch a new homepage for all staff.

Increasingly organisations are choosing not to start with a blank sheet of paper when planning their new intranet.



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