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Technology moves rapidly, constantly introducing new platforms and new features. Our expectations of what makes great intranets evolves alongside this.

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  • Designing intranet: Creating sites that work
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  • Intranet Innovations 2015

A wave of change is rolling through organisations, and it’s long overdue.

“I want all my staff to be able to pass the BBQ test.” We first heard this stated by a CEO at a local government agency, and we’ve heard it said in different term

The power of design is transforming modern organisations. Many large businesses now have "customer experience" teams, that are reworking everything from the company website to how stores are designed.

Design thinking has now come to intranets too. Leading teams are rethinking how we create and deliver intranets, finding new ways of helping staff do their jobs.

This session will inspire with screenshots and examples from intranets around the globe, drawing on the winners of the Intranet Innovation Awards.

From the smallest of tweaks to major leaps forward, everyone will walk away with ideas about how to improve their intranet, and how to deliver more value for the business. 

There is no question that enterprise social and collaboration tools are sweeping through organisations.

There are now less than two weeks to go to get your submissions into the Intranet Innovation Awards, with our closing date on June 6th.&n

As organisations look for ways to transform and innovate their businesses, the intranet is playing an important role.

Collaboration and social tools are on the minds of many organisations, from large to small.



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