James Robertson


SharePoint straight ‘out of the box’ isn’t necessarily unpleasant to look at – it’s blue and has neat boxes – but it’s not ideal.

As new technologies are gaining a presence within organisations, we’re seeing some strategic conversations shifting from the “intranet” to the “digital workplace”.

A lot of thinking needs to go into developing a SharePoint intranet, whether it’s a new site or an upgrade of an existing intranet.

This year, the highlight of the 2012 Intranet Innovation Awards was being able to hand over all but one of the Awards to the winners in p

We have written a number of articles on how to improve intranet content including Improving intranet conte

This year was a real vintage for the Intranet Innovation Awards, the global competition run by Step Two Designs which is now in its sixth year.

This year it’s wonderful to be able to hand over all but one of the trophies from the Intranet Innovation Awards in person.



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