James Robertson


Enterprise software applications aren’t “designed”. At best, they’re “developed”, but often they’re just “built”.

An intranet can be thought of as having five purposes or roles, the first four of which are generally well accepted:

‘Social’ is now standard in the world of intranets, yet success with social intranets isn’t quite so common.

As one of the five key purposes of an intranet, content is too often left out of the equation when redesigning or improving the intranet.

Quality content is key to the success of any intranet, making it both useful and usable.

For the last ten years, we’ve worked with intranet teams across a wide variety of organisations, both large and small.

Lens.pngAbout a month ago, we started an

Intranet governance can be a daunting subject, so daunting that it is rarely addressed comprehensively, and often even the core aspects shied away from.

“We want to be number one for customer service.” We’ve heard this stated by a number of our clients over the years, particularly in the financial services industry.



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