Toby Ward


Microsoft has begun testing a new intranet search, Bing for Business, in a greater effort to compete with Google.

On the indexed Internet, there are more than 4.5 billion pages. Finding the most relevant content can be akin to finding a needle in a hay galaxy.

I cannot think of a digital workplace tool, since SharePoint, that has received so much attention and ink than Slack.

The search engine sucks!” is the single-most common complaints we hear from employees (regardless of company and industry). Naturally, most immediately blame the search engine.

Death is coming to SharePoint 2010. Mainstream Support from Microsoft SharePoint ended nearly two years ago.

Denmark’s premier intranet community and conference organizer, IntraTeam (arguably the World’s most active and advanced, certainly per capita) has launched an Intranet/Digital Workplace

Great intranets are not built from the bottom-up; they are not populist, user-driven systems.

The social intranet has been quietly evolving.

Blogging didn’t take-off; it was mostly led by corporate communications. Started seeding blogs with non-work related blog posts (e.g. personal growth).

The average intranet is pathetic; it suffers from poor technology, awful, out-dated content, poor engagement, a terrible search engine, non-existent content governance, and a pathetic user experien



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