Employee Engagement


Which of the following scenarios is best?

So much work today lacks purpose or meaning. By focusing on customer and employee tasks we can link what we do with things that really matter.

By Katie McIntosh

“I want all my staff to be able to pass the BBQ test.” We first heard this stated by a CEO at a local government agency, and we’ve heard it said in different term

NNE Pharmaplan has introduced a global onboarding program for new employees to drive a one company culture, reduce employee turnover and deliver better services to customers.
Using integration between a variety of systems including the intranet, corporate website and the e-learning system, new employees are presented with three missions.
The first of these starts before their first day at the company. Using a variety of learning modules, videos and other content, employees learn about the company, processes and customers.
Step Two Designs gave NNE Pharmaplan an Intranet Innovation Gold Award for Business for this program.

Using internal communications best practice to boost staff morale, improve retention and drive motivation – just how do you make an employee feel valued?
Tried and tested techniques to move beyond moans and groans towards constructive business feedback then closing the loop with answers
Low-cost techniques to create and maintain meaningful engagement on an on-going basis.
Leveraging the power of incentives and rewards to help employees go that extra mile for the business.
Neal presented this at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 2015.

On Thursday, I’ll deliver a brand-spanking-new presentation at an internal communications conference in Las Vegas on a concept I’ve been exploring for the last year or so.

One of the top priorities of most internal communications teams is to increase the richness and impact of internal messaging.



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