Enterprise Search


Over the last few years I have been involved in many search projects where search does not seem to be delivering the value and user satisfaction that the organisation was anticipating.

Attivio, Coveo and Sinequa are just three vendors that are positioning themselves as being in the insight/cognitive search sector, playing down the ‘enterprise search’ label.

In 1973 Horst Wittel and Melvin Webber authored a paper entitled ‘Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning’ (Policy Sciences 4 (1973), 155-169).

You can tell that when politicians walk around a laboratory they probably have no idea of what life is like inside one.

Thanks to an invite from Conference Chair at enterprise search europe 2015 Martin White, Intranet Focus Ltd. I had the opportunity to see and hear about enterprise search at AstraZeneca and how they have developed it.

The session was presented by Hans-Josef Jeanrond, CMO Sinequa and Steven Woodward, CTO Office AstraZeneca.


In the process of writing the 2nd edition of Enterprise Search I accumulated a substantial amount of information that



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