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Here are some of the lessons I learned from our community of practice group about enterprise and presented on Enterprise Search Europe Oct. 21, 2015

There is a great deal of interest at the present time about design thinking, and Read more

As Chair of Enterprise Search Europe 2015 I am inevitably biased, but in my opinion this year the quality of the papers and of the discussions, was very high indeed.

One of the challenges faced by search managers is trying to demonstrate that search is not intuitive and that training is important. Now at last there is research to support the case for training.

Imagine you want to know the time of the next train between two cities. When you type this into Google, the first hit isn’t a link to a site but a card like the one below.

From time to time I turn into a Visiting Professor and work my way through recent papers in academic journals.

Employees are reaching a breaking point. They are exhausted and overwhelmed, alienated and disengaged. They are cynical and distrustful.

This is the age of fast, give-it-to-me-now, you-better-make-it-simple convenience. But how do we convince senior management of this new reality?

September was a good month for search.



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