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Taking account of accessibility issues in the design of search results pages is a significant challenge.

There is a huge blind spot when it comes to the management of the time of knowledge workers. Basically, their time is not managed.

All to often search seems to be an add-on to an intranet. Days of effort have been expended in development the information architecture.

Search on intranets has become a little box of desperation. We need to move away from thinking of enterprise search as being a single search box on the top right of our intranets.

Varonis is in the business of data and information management application software and over the last few years has made a significant investmen

It is not easy to understand how search works. The usual explanation is along the lines of crawling content, creating an index and then matching the query term against the index.

Most ‘enterprise’ applications are not actually used across the entire enterprise.

I was browsing through some back issues of the journal Organizational Studies and came across a very i

I had the pleasure to speak at “SharePoint w biznesie i IT” in Warsaw. The conference was arranged by Unity Group. Here are some of the most important messages in my presentation.

The Search Circle now has subscribers in the UK, Germany and the USA, which is a good start.



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