Digital Workplace


Stop the madness. Millenials are not aliens. You do not need to go on a course to learn how to relate to Next Gen people at work.

We live in amazing times. We have an opportunity to reshape our organizations and societies and make them more responsive, adaptive and efficient.

The digital workplace is rapidly evolving.

#IEC16 “the HomePage of an intranet is the most important page.

The modern digital workplace comes with a fantastic tool set for communicators.

I’ve been asked at least a hundred times which countries are the strongest in digital workplace maturity. People always ask about their own country.

Technology moves rapidly, constantly introducing new platforms and new features. Our expectations of what makes great intranets evolves alongside this.

The 10th annual survey on digital inside organizations is gearing up.

Forget how people do things while they’re at work, constrained by corporate policies and culture.



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