Digital Workplace


The digital workplace is not a place. It is not a shared entry point.

Much of what I read about digital workplaces seems to make the assumption that if an organisation reaches the upper levels of digital workplace maturity, especially in terms of enterprise social ne

As an intranet professional, your career is about collaboration. Of systems and processes, not just people. The Web is a network and those who thrive on the Web network, connect and collaborate.

A digital workplace has 5 types of stakeholders, each with a unique perspective complementary to the others:

Top management is out of touch with the reality of how people work Quick read:

Today, it is clear that  HR, in most organizations, is not yet playing a strategic role of thinking about and preparing for the future workplace.  I asked 314 organizations around the wor

‘Working from home’ isn’t the same thing to everyone, nor is it what we mean by ‘the digital workplace’.

Employee engagement is low. Very low.

Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting spoke about a roadmap for the digital workplace at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen and here is a video interview with him afterwards.

There is an interesting blog post on the Intranet Benchmarking Forum site by Chri



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