The announcement that Recommind had sold out to OpenText does not seem to have ra

You can tell that when politicians walk around a laboratory they probably have no idea of what life is like inside one.

During the search process, searchers need to decide when they should abandon the current query (and perhaps issue a new query after examining the current results list), and when to curtail their se

A couple of weeks after the Google exit comes the announcement that the Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise business management application used very widely by law firms and law departments is also be

When people visit a particular page of your website and then carry out a search from that page, it is often a sign that the page navigation and/or content is not working well.

This session will combine tips and real-life experiences from Helen’s career to provide attendees with a framework for evaluating enterprise search.
Search implementations are often disappointing, especially when users are used to the ‘Google experience’ and expect their internal search products to be as good.
The session will look at some common problems, focusing less on the technology itself but more on content, culture and engagement.

Andreas Hallgren talks about how Chalmers University of Technology implemented a unified search platform for all their major websites.
What are the benefits, what kind of problems have occurred along the way, and what can happens when the search solution is handed over from the project to the governance organization?
Andreas will also talk about how the university has begun to use search and search analytics in order to build better, more relevant web sites.

The very purpose of classification, navigation and search is to deal with customers’ frequently asked questions (FAQs).



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