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I’ve been working with the other three Intranetizens for over five years now as a Read more

Some of the greatest value the digital workplace can deliver is moving internal services online, making it easier to get things done at less cost to the company.

It’s been a busy week for the Intranetizens.

This Valentine’s Day we’ve reached into the Intranetizen mailbag to offer some advice to one anxious reader.

Dear Intranetizen

With the arrival of Facebook Workplace and the merger of Microsoft and LinkedIn enterprise social just

In October Facebook launched their long-anticipated enterprise offering, Workplace.

Between the Intranetizen team we’ve launched tens of intranets as part of in-house teams, and we proudly champion the role and work of intranet managers.

The Oxford English dictionary announced that 2016’s “word of the year” is Read more

Here at Intranetizen two of our most frequent rants are over the low value that businesses frequently ascribe to their intranet and the people who work on it, and the constant cycle of i



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