Step Two


“I should be able to process 15 claims a day but the system is so slow and clunky, I get through 5 if I’m lucky.”

Helping users with their IT issues has always been challenging.

Technology has played a pivotal role in all organisations over the last few decades.

When you look for it, you find digital signage everywhere within today’s organisations.

The way the world communicates is going through an enormous (and sometimes painful) transformation.

The Digital Workplace Radar provides a powerful model for making sense of future technologies.

With the introduction of any new idea or technology, there’s inevitably a ‘new versus old’ debate. As intranets have been around for two decades now, they’ve seen a lot

Chatbots are a recurring theme among intranet, digital workplace and internal professionals. With so much hype and attention, it’s easy to dismiss chatbots as a fad.



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