Step Two


A great digital workplace needs to deliver an engaging employee experience.

The digital workplace is not a technology platform. While many technology solutions will contribute to the delivery of the digital workplace, it’s the employee experience

The concept of the digital workplace continues to evolve, and it’s a journey rather than a static

Each year after the holiday break, staff start returning to work in dribs and drabs.

Dashboards are an excellent way to  present a wide variety of data all in one place,  from a variety of sources and systems.

One of the most important elements of the Intranet Operating Model is accountabilit

Intranet governance is like the classic ‘blind men and the elephant’ story. Each one feels a different part of the elephant, and comes to a different conclusion.

‘Bots’ have become one of the hot topics on the internet.

While every organisation is unique, at least to some degree, there are common patterns of success when it comes to collaboration and social tools.

There is a startling disconnect between the enthusiasm for collaboration and social tools, and their real-world impact.



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