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The 2016 Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards represent the tenth year Step Two has run this global competition, previously calle

The digital workplace can be a powerful platform for improving how the business operates.

The digital workplace is a broad concept, and it encompasses many aspects of how staff work, and how org

‘An intranet is never finished’ is a phrase that is frequently used in the in the intranet world.

There are many reasons why managing an intranet is an ongoing journey:

By some reports, ‘most’ intranet teams have more than a dozen members, but this is not our experience. Instead, we see many intranet teams of one, or at best, two or three.

At the heart of building a great global intranet is getting the right balance between global and local content.

Global intranet projects have big ambitions. At a minimum, they aim to launch a new homepage for all staff.

Collaboration and social projects are just like every other project. They have a start, a direction, and a set of pre-defined outcomes.

Over the last few years we’ve been supporters of the Intranet Innovation Awards.

Increasingly organisations are choosing not to start with a blank sheet of paper when planning their new intranet.



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