Step Two


The 2015 Intranet Innovation Awards proved once again that leading-edge intranets are having a successful impact for both organ

A wave of change is rolling through organisations, and it’s long overdue.

We all have great ideas about what we could do if we win the lottery — buy a new house, travel the world — the possibilities are endless.  It’s the same with the intranet &md

In the early days of intranets, life was simple from a technology standpoint.

University ‘real world’ working environments are unique, often consisting of an overlapping blend of private and public-facing spaces, working practices and environments.

“I want all my staff to be able to pass the BBQ test.” We first heard this stated by a CEO at a local government agency, and we’ve heard it said in different term

The proliferation of digital tools in many organisations delivers benefits and challenges for staff.

All project methodologies, including agile, embrace the idea of scope: a defined set of time-bound deliverables.

Workplaces have dramatically changed over the years and we can no longer assume that the audiences we are designing for are in the same building or even employed by the same company.



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