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Intranets and digital workplace initiatives are often seen as completely separate from the world of advertising and campaigns.

Organisations as diverse as Apple, Amazon, Ikea, Nike, Uber and the UK Government have shown the power of design.

Have you got a intranet plan in place for the year ahead?

Organisations wrestle with a wide range of business risks.

The technology space is in constant flux, with new ideas and solutions transforming (and often disrupting) existing models.

One of the top priorities of most internal communications teams is to increase the richness and impact of internal messaging.

2014’s Intranet Innovation Awards was another bumper year for showcasing inspiring and innovative intranets.

All intranets have a search box, conventionally located in the top right hand corner.

Australia has one of the highest penetration of smart phones in the world, ranking number six, ahead of the USA, the UK, Canada.



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