Step Two


Leadership is crucial in successful organisations with many spending significant time and resources on leadership programs.

Intranets are much more than they have been in the past.

Online forms deliver clear productivity benefits and cost savings and should be a key element of all intranets.

Doing an evaluation of your intranet can be a difficult and seemingly daunting task. Research to be done, discussions to be had, comparisons to be made, reports to be written.

Customer service is make-or-break for many organisations. This includes consumer and retail organisations, business-to-business providers and government agencies.

Creating an intranet structure is both an art and a science.

There is no question that enterprise social and collaboration tools are sweeping through organisations.

An intranet redesign can typically take the better part of 12 months and in some cases years (depending on the scope and organisation).

As organisations look for ways to transform and innovate their businesses, the intranet is playing an important role.

Against the backdrop of changing business practices, it’s valuable to broaden the focus of what intranets can (and should) do.



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