Web Marketing


Coinciding with the rise of digital is the decline of trust in strangers, and the shrinking of the middle ground in politics.

Everywhere we look we see corrupt, greedy, out-of-touch leadership. As customers become better and better informed, this narcissistic leadership is ushering in an era of deep distrust.

The millennial generation is rebalancing the relationship between the individual and the organization.

A curious trend is proliferating around the web. You arrive on a site and, while reading whatever it is you came to read, a pop-up appears.

So much advertising and marketing is based on false promises and exaggeration. This sort of corporate propaganda is facing an increasing backlash.

The good news: 88 percent of business buyers believe that online content has played a major to moderate role in vendor selection. The bad news: Only 9% of buyers trust vendor websites

Customers today have less and less attention to give. On the Web, they’re doing research, trying to complete tasks. They don’t like being disrupted.



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