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Both mobile and chat bots have two common criteria: first, they practically don’t exist as elements of the intranet in today’s Fortune 500 organizations.

Collaboration and social tools are on the minds of many organisations, from large to small.

A few weeks ago, we ran a day-long enterprise mobile strategy session at a government agency client of ours.

Australia has one of the highest penetration of smart phones in the world, ranking number six, ahead of the USA, the UK, Canada.

At the University of Liverpool we had a problem – our students were telling us that there weren’t enough available PC’s on campus. But our usage statistics were telling us a very different story.
Find out how and why we built PC Finder; an award-winning responsive web app, that combines live PC workstation availability, GPS data, building opening hours, and point-to-point routing, to make sure our students can always find their nearest available PC on campus.

At Barclays Bank they have created a mobile intranet (Intranet Innovation Award winner in 2013) which is targeted at frontline staff in branches. Watch this video interview with Dave Shepherd after his presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014.

Enterprise mobility is quickly moving from pilots and proof-of-concepts to delivering key business functionality for staff when they’re away from their desks.



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