Big Data

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Despite all the reports about the emergence of Big Data in areas such as financial services and retail, scientists have been managing big data collections for a long time, especially in a

The more we learn about the world the more we understand that experts are not nearly as ‘expert’ as they like to think they are.

Digital speeds things up and allows for great flexibility and adaptability. It also facilitates greater transparency and openness.

The more digital an organization becomes the more distant it becomes physically from its customers.

The irony of this period of Big Data is that many organizations are becoming even more disconnected from their customers.

The best way to measure complexity is to measure use. Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it.

In September the Aberdeen Group published a report entitled ‘Business Analytics and Unstructured Data – Are You Asking the Right Questions?’  A better tag-line would have bee



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