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På 9 av 10 svenska intranät används inte podcasting. Detta är en låg siffra jämfört till exempel med rapporten "Digital Workplace Trends 2012", av Jane McConnell, där 40 procent av organisationerna använder sig av eller planerar att använda sig av podcasts.  

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about whether Facebook is a suitable platform for organizations to build a corporate intranet.

When I first started working in audio more than 10 years ago, I encouraged some of my clients to think about including the warmth of the human voice in their communications. Then in 2004 podcasting became possible, and we discovered a technology that made audio a lot more accessible.

Still, in the early days, podcasting was not for the faint of heart. The technical side was tricky, and accurate help was hard to find. Today, however, we have plenty of software and tools at our disposal, as well as examples of communicators who’ve ventured into the world of podcasting before us. 

Plenty of companies have early success with Yammer. And then it stalls. Or they hit growing pains and the early enthusiasm wanes.

The proliferation of digital tools in many organisations delivers benefits and challenges for staff.

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